Various Pictures – Then and Now

Here are some pictures of around Knottsville at various times.  I’ve “stolen” these from the Knottsville Genealogy page on Facebook.  This is an ongoing process and I’ll add descriptions as we go along.

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  1. Michael do you have any information as to where the hillside picture was taken?

  2. No, I sure don’t. The description that was in Facebook said something like “..grounds at St. Lawerence at the turn of the century.” I’m going to try to get more pics out here plus the captions that are on Facebook. Maybe someone else that sees these will know more!

  3. I feel like I have made a great discovery is finding this website. Thanks to whomever is responsible.

  4. BTW, make sure you subscribe on the home page so you will get notified when any new posts are published! Tell your friends!

  5. My Mom was descended from Leonard Knott and was the last of her family to be born in Knottsville. She is still alive and living in Arizona. Her name is Mabel Knott Marshall and her parents were Lois and James Roy Knott. Thanks for the information about Knottsville and especially for the photo of Leonard Knott.

    • Janice – I’d love to contact you. I’m descended from Leonard as well. I moderate a Knottsville genealogy group on Facebook and would love for you to join us:



    • I am a descendent from Leonard Knott, his son was James I Knott m.Mrs.Mary A Carrico McDaniel Their daughter Teresa Rose Knott was my Great Grand Mother. Her siblings were Mary M., Matilda Jane, Robert I, and William M. James I married twice 2nd wife Verlinda J. Ludwich, they had 4 children, 3 living…Marcellus, Genevieve, and Angus. The family were Catholics. He owned 137 ¾ acres of land engaged in farming and stock-raising. Teresa Rose was born in KY in 1858 and died 1938,Douglas Az.

  6. my name is Teresa Knott Roos and my father was Paul Knott and I found his photo in the school picture immediately. I was so happy that it made me cry. My husband and I and my sister, Kathleen Knott Berg are coming to the deication to Leonard Knott in September.July 15,2011

  7. My father was also descended from Leonard Knott and was born in Knottsville in 1907. His name was Hilary Knott. He was an uncle to Teresa Knott Roos and Kathleen Knott Berg. My father was one of 7 children, all of whom were born in Knottsville. Their parents were William and Mary Etta Coomes Knott. The seven children were Roy, Paul, Bernard, Mary William, Helena, Ellen, and Hilary Francis.

    The word about the dedication is spreading throughout our family. I know there are upwards of at least 25 children and grandchildren of the 7 children of William and Mary Etta who plan to be in Knottsville on Sept. 17. They will come from several states including, Kentucky, Arizona, Indiana, and possibly South Carolina.

  8. My name is Debbie (Recker) Ramirez and my grandfather was Paul Benedict Knott, born 1896 in Knottsville. My mother (Mary Dianne Knott Recker) was the oldest child of Paul. My mother passed away a few years ago, but her sisters – Teresa Knott Roos and Kathleen Knott Berg, as well as myself and my sister are planning on attending the dedication. We all live in Indiana.

  9. I would love to know some of the baseball players name in the 1948 Knottsville Champs picture. My grandad, Daniel Haynes, played back in his early days and people always talked about his skills and how everyone called him Baney due to how fast he ran. I would love to find a picture of him with his baseball uniform. Thanks for the upkeep of this site.

    • Here is what is listed on the Knottsville facebook page for this picture:

      Knottsville Ball Team, 1948 Pennant Winner; 1949 League Champions. Back row. L-Rt. Gus Higdon, Manager, Claritin Higdon, Les Keown, Paul Millay, Ray Keown, Billy Higdon. Ft.Row l-r ?, ? ,Tom Keown, Billy Estes, ? Duncan.

      Thanks! We’re trying to get it more updated..

    • Jennifer, I remember when your grandad played ball…not sure if he played on my Dad’s(Gus Higdon) team…I don’t think he did. I do remember seeing him play and he was a vey good ballplayer…he played in the catcher’s position.


  11. William Louis Higdon (Billy) I just re-read your message and you are a grandson of Uncle Louis & Aunt Bessie not a son. Anyway it’s nice to know you.

  12. Just found this page, nicely done. I’ve even found some of my photos already up here and I’m honored. My Mother was Betty Higdon, daughter of Nannie Mae Mattingly and Gilbert Hampton Higdon. Nannie Mae’s mother was Mary Jane Coomes (James Enoch Coomes and Martha Appalonia Carrico) My family tree is FILLED with the surnames on this page so I’m going to hang around a little bit. I recognize Pat Hartledge on here and wondering if he’s still around. I also have a print of the old St. Lawrence church and grounds that I’m going to try to scan in and share with you all. The area in the “church picnic” pictures looks a lot like the adjacent lot where the cemetery is located, but those graves would have been visible in the picture. Fascinating stuff!

    • William Patrick Hartledge is on Facebook and is a regular poster on the Knottsville Genealogy page, referenced above.

  13. Love this web site

  14. My parents lived on Short Station Road, and both had their burial Masses at St Williams,

  15. Does anyone have any info on a self family in knottsville around 1900 .1910?

  16. Love to hear stories concerning Knottsville.

  17. where exactly did the payne originate my mother wasw the daughter of ruth and buck payne my grandma was a morris before she wed would like some info if available

    • The Knottsville Paynes came to Daviess county from Nelson county (near Bardstown) about 1824 or 1825. They were originally from St. Mary’s county, Maryland and came to Kentucky around 1794 or 1795. I’m descended from John Henry “Jackie” Payne and his son Dennis Henry Payne.

      • Hello Dennis, there are 2 sets of Payne’s in knottsville I believe. My dad Joseph Arthur Payne my mom Mary Delephine wathen . I’m the 12 th of 12 kids . She is still living just celebrated her 100 th birthday last September. I know we have Bowlds, wathen , and I believe Johnson Edge ,in our family. My Dad passed in 1987 . Thanks for this page I’ve been looking for information on our family for along time. Lesia Stallings

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