Way to go Knockouts!!!

Congratulations to Knottsville’s 8 and under softball team, the Knottsville Knockouts.  After working hard all season the girls were able to get 2nd place in the tournament.  These girls should be proud of themselves for all the hard work they put in this season.  They really shined during the tournament.  They owe a lot of their success to their great coaches too who worked hard to help the girls achieve their success.  Great job!!

Knockouts receiving their 2nd place trophies.

Hard work paid off for these girls!

The Knottsville Knightmares vs the Highland Hurricanes

A classic battle between the 8 & under girls softball teams was full of excitement this week.  Both teams played hard but in the end the Hurricanes came out on top 7 to 4.  Congrats to the Hurricanes and Knightmares for a great game!

The girls congratulate each other for a great game.

The girls congratulate each other for a great game.

Knottsville Mudcats battle it out!

Tuesday night the Knottsville Mudcats minor league baseball team battled the Country Heights Redsox at Knottsville.  A great game played by both teams.  In the end the Mudcats were able to come back from a 5 to 1 deficit to win 6 to 5 in the bottom of the sixth inning.  Congratulations Mudcats!