St William High School Graduation – 1957

St William High School Graduation, 1957. (Photo courtesy of Linda Millay Kellerman).

A Picture from the Knottsville Genealogy Page on Facebook

Sister Ann Marie

Linda Ann (Millay) Kellerman, Virgie Mae (Knott) Millay, Sister Ann Marie (aka Mary Edith Millay), Susan (Guelda) Millay and Harold Joseph Millay, Sr. Circa mid-1960’s. (Photo courtesy of Linda Millay Kellerman).

Stephen Booker and Sugar Foot

Stephen Booker

Original Newspaper Clipping – Stephen Booker of Knottsville, riding his pony ‘Sugar Foot,’ stops to pet the pony’s month-old foal, ‘Peanuts,’ during an outing on Old St. Lawrence Church Road. Courier-Journal, Saturday, August 23rd, 1969. Photo taken by Will Lott. Stephen is the son of Billy Joe Booker and Mary Jonell (Millay) Booker.

The St. William High School Senior Class of 1950

St William High School senior class of 1950

The St William High School senior class of 1950. Back Row – Pat Payne, Joe Roby, Mary E Rhinerson, Father Whalen, Betty Knott and Thomas Irvin Millay. Middle Row- Margaret Jane Lanham, Ethel Sanders and Marie Johnson. Front Row – Anna Ruth Cecil, Joyce Aull and Clara Rita Boteler.

St William High School, Senior Class (1955 – 1956)

Senior Class of 1956

St William High School, Senior Class (1955 – 1956). Top row – Sr. Mary Carl, Merle Sanders, Elsie Mae Payne, Alan Howard, Betty Ann Lanham, Robert Lewis Millay, Margie Bowlds, 2nd. row – Wishie Payne, Carol Aull, Elsie Jean Bickett, Edward Lee Payne. 3rd. row – Lillie Ann Cecil, Bernard Wright, Theresa Byrne Knott, Joseph Leo Johnson, Helen Haynes, Clement “Clemie” Cecil, Mary Ann Howard, Bottom row – Leon Lanham, Alice Payne, Gerald Payne, Esther Hurm.

The Peoples Store

The Peoples Store

The Peoples Store (aka Guy Hazel’s Store, circa 1912). The Mary Carrico School currently stands where this store was located. In 1833, James Millay opened the first store in Knottsville on this site. In 1859, Joseph B. Aud and his brother Hilary T. Aud opened a store here called “J.B. Aud and Brother”. Sometime in the early 20th century this store passed to their nephew, Guy Hazel Sr. Eventually the store was sold to Bob Pence. This photo appears courtesy of Guy Hazel’s grandson, James W. “Jim” Hazel.

Arthur Fabian Aull (1872 – 1948)

Arthur Fabian Aull

Arthur Fabian Aull (1872 – 1948). Born in Knottsville. Son of William Aull and Mary Pool. Grandson of Benjamin Aull Jr. and Joan “Joanna” Carrico. His great-grandfather Benjamin Aull Sr was a native of Maryland and moved to Nelson county Kentucky in 1810. Benjamin Aull Sr was married to Maria Drury. The family came to Daviess county in 1830. In 1870, Arthur’s father (William), bought a large general store in Knottsville with his brother Tom Aull. The store’s failure left William financially ruined and at odds with his family. Will left Knottsville and eventually settled in Missouri. His son Arthur would go on to become the editor and publisher of a small town Missouri newspaper called The Lamar Democrat. His opinions on American life and politics were widely quoted in the national press. He was profiled in both Time and Life magazines. When word reach him of Arthur Aulls’ death on May 7th, 1948, President Harry Truman declared that “an able and picturesque figure in American journalism had passed on.”