Church Bulletin

The bulletin for St. William and St. Lawrence Churches is now being posted on the school’s website under the “News” section.  Check it out here.


More Marker Pics

A couple more pictures of the marker prior to the dedication.  As I mentioned in the earlier post, I’ll post all of these in one area and give a more detailed description.  As for now, I’ll just be posting the pics without details.  I’ll be working with Dennis Millay to document them appropriately.

Knottsville Marker Pic #3

Knottsville Marker Pic #4

Knottsville Marker Pics

Here’s a couple of pictures of the new Knottsville marker (courtesy of Dennis Millay).  I’ll be adding more pictures over the coming days and soon have them added to a link on the left side of the page.

Knottsville Marker Side 1

Knottsville Marker Side 2

School Starts Wednesday!! Watch Your Speed!!

Good luck to teachers and students starting back to school this week!  Just a reminder for those in cars, trucks, semi-trucks…

Please adhere to the speed limits through Knottsville.  All summer we’ve noticed more 35 MPH signs going up on Highway 144 so let’s pay attention out there.  Remember, we have a grocery store, grade school, nursing home, and church within close proximity to each other so keep it safe!!


Awesome Fireworks!!

Thanks to the Turners and family/friends that put on such a great fireworks display.  Lots of people came from all over to check out the celebration.  I shot some of the show and put it on YouTube.  Check it out:

1.  Fireworks!!

2.  Finale!!!

Couldn’t Get Enough Last Time?

Then try again tonight.  Fish Fry!  You can see the sign further down the page for the info!


According to the Knight-Ridder News Service, the inscription on the metal bands used by the U.S. Department of the Interior to tag migratory birds has been changed. The bands used to bear the address of the Washington Biological Survey, abbreviated, “Wash. Biol. Surv.” until the agency received the following letter from an Arkansas camper: “Dear Sirs: While camping last week I shot one of your birds. I think it was a crow. I followed the cooking instructions on the leg tag and I want to tell you it was horrible.”

I guess he should have come to the FISH FRY instead!!

That Time Again…

It’s Friday and you know what that means?  Oh Yeah, another awesome fish fry!  Check the sign below for details.  I’m going to be there with my camera taking pictures to make you a star on this site.  And if you can’t stay, then get some to go.  It’s a great midnight snack!