Leonard Knott’s Tomahawk

Courtesy of Dennis Millay:

A newspaper article about Leonard Knott’s tomahawk (from the Owensboro Daily Tribune, March 15th, 1896 – page 5):

James McGuire “J. M.” Haynes of Knottsville has a tomahawk that was made about 90 years ago, it was made by his grandfather, Leonard Knott, a pioneer blacksmith of Nelson County, who early came to Daviess County and in whose honor Knottsville was named; Mr. Knott’s daughter, the mother of Mr. Haynes (Mary Ellen Knott), was the first child born in Knottsville; the tomahawk was hand made of the very best metal, Leonard Knott made it specially for his brother, Harry, who used it in the great battle of Tippecanoe in 1811, under General Harrison, after the splendid victory he returned it to its maker, at the sale of Leonard Knott’s effects about 1854, Miley Aud bought it and kept it until his death some forty years later, Aud’s widow then presented it to the present owner (J.M. Haynes), he being the nearest kin to the maker.