Marker Update 9/6/2011

Marker Update: The Marker unveiling will be done by Betty Knott Hamilton (Knottsville), James R. Knott (Owensboro) and Mabel Knott Marshall (Tucson, Arizona). (3 great-great-grandchildren of Leonard Knott). And a Pot Luck Lunch will be held at approximately 1pm at St William Hall, immediately following the dedication ceremony.

One Response

  1. We are very honored to be asked to participate in the unveiling of this marker for Leonard Knott and the entire Knott family. Mabel Knott Marshall is the daughter of James Roy Knott and Lois Dishman and was the last of her family to be born in Knottsville. James Roy Knott was the son of William Michael Knott and Marietta Coomes. Her family moved to Detroit when she was 6 years old but she always felt like Knottsville was her home. She will be joined by her two daughters and one granddaughter. We are all very excited about her returning to Knottsville and being one of the participants. Thanks very much for asking her!

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