Update: Marker is paid for!

MARKER UPDATE from Dennis Millay: As of today (July 20th) we have reached our fundraising goal of $2,300.00. Thanks to Glen W. Roby, Linda and Ron Sweat, Janice Marshall, Chuck and Donna Millay, Ben Lanham, Tim and Lori M. Hall, LaDonna Booker Stevens, William P. Hartlage, Teresa Millay Wittemer, William E. and Frances Meserve, Deana and Mike Isbill, Natasha Meserve, Francis Marcellus Millay and Linda Millay Kellerman, Bill Mattingly, David A. Millay, Mary Selma Wiesenberg, Thomas Irvin Millay, Mary Millay McCoy, Tommy Bickett, James R. Knott, Edwin A. Millay, Wishie and Jane Payne, and Ronald and Cheryl Martin. Click the highlighted link to RSVP for the dedication ceremony. All funds raised in excess our our goal will be donated to St. Lawrence and St. William parishes.


Wording for the Marker has been updated.  Please note the new wording described below.


Dear friends and family –

I have successfully petitioned the State of Kentucky to place a historical roadside marker on KY Highway 144 next to the site of the Leonard Knott Homestead (William E. Meserve currently lives on this farm). The marker will be installed in early September and we will have a formal dedication and blessing on Saturday, Sept 17th. (The day before the St Lawrence/St William Picnic). Please mark your calendars. I would love for you to attend.

Saturday, September 17 · 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Location –
William E. Meserve Farm
9964 Highway 144

Here is the text for the doublesided marker (updated version):

Side One –

Knottsville, Kentucky

On this site in 1827, Leonard
Knott built the first house in
Knottsville. James Millay named
the town in 1833 when he opened a
store and Post Office nearby. In
1834, the name was officially set
in the Kentucky Legislature by the
Honorable William R. Griffith, and
the town was formally laid out by
Millay and Griffith in 1836.

(Dedicated to the people of Knottsville)

Side Two –

Leonard Knott Homestead

In 1795, James Knott emigrated
from Maryland to Cox’s Creek
Settlement in Nelson County,
Kentucky as part of the “League of
Catholic Families.” Born in 1797,
his son Leonard married Mary M.
Drury and moved to Daviess County
in 1826. They settled on this site
in 1827 and were founding members
of St. Lawrence Catholic Church.

(In memory of Leonard and Mary Knott)

The marker costs $2,300.00. I am paying for the marker using my savings. If you would like to contribute, donations can be mailed to my father – Tony Millay:

Edwin A Millay
4308 Burnt Cedar Lane
Louisville, KY 40219

(502) 964-7039

Any funds collected in excess of the cost of the marker will be donated to the St Lawrence and St William cemetery funds on behalf of the Knottsville Genealogy group.


Dennis A Millay