School Days – 1908

St. Lawrence School Oct 21st 1908

St. Lawrence School, Oct 21st, 1908. 1st Row/L to R – Romuald Johnson, Bernard Knott, Pauline Mills, Gervaise Payne, Herbert Payne, Henry G. Johnson, Ivo Coomes, James Hoskins (aka Father Mark), Ralph Wathen and Herbert Coomes. 2nd Row/L to R – Wilber Higdon, John Wathen, Lamar Montgomery, Forest Wathen, Damian Johnson, Felix Coomes, Ira Craig, David Henning, Dolor Cecil, John Cecil, Bernard Henning and Celestine Henning. 3rd Row/L to R – Cecilia Coomes, Mary William Knott, Nellie Speaks, Katie-Bee Higdon, Mary Agnes Henning, Edna Long, Velma Payne, Pauline Henning, Ella Knott, Helena Knott and Bernadette Speaks. 4th Row/L to R – Fannie Head (aka Sister Ignatia), Henry Mills, Felix Roby, Eddie Henning, Roy Knott, Henry Montgomery, Oscar Coomes, Paul Knott, Sylvester Coomes, Mary Mills, Cecy Johnson, Waltrude Higdon, Beulah Coomes, Fannie Lou Poole, Blanche Payne, Cecilia Miles and Sue Cravens (aka Sister Joseph). 5th Row/L to R – Ethel Montgomery, Goldie Poole, Rosalia Miles, Eunice Cissell, Lizzie Wathen, Gertrude Roby, Katie Hensey, Mary Louis Wathen (aka Sister Lucian), Agnes McDaniel, Della Henning, Gertrude Miles, Katie Cissell, Pauline Montgomery, Fred Henning, James Wathen, Harry O’Bryan, John Blincoe, Robert Henning, Joe Frank Coomes, Louis Miles, John Coomes, Titus Johnson, Joe Miles, Eugene Montgomery, Emmet Kennedy and Guy Blincoe. (Photo copy and list of names provided by Larry Abel).

2 Responses

  1. My father was born here in 1908. William Bernard Millay. Father James Richard Millay son of James P Millay.

  2. Brenda – Where are you from?

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