What is to come…

Well, it’s time to start making the website a lot more interesting.  So, I’m going to start making regular posts as much as possible.  Here are a few things I’d like to do with the site:

1.  More current events.  This could include any activities that are taking place with Mary Carrico Catholic School, St. Williams and St. Lawrence churches, the Rest Home, etc.

2.  More pictures of Knottsville including past and present.

3.  More in-depth information concerning the history of Knottsville.

4.  I’d like to get someone who keeps up with the various Knottsville ball teams and write up what is going on with the school teams as well as the various girls softball and boys baseball teams.  With pictures.

5.  Wedding announcements.  People get married at St. Williams and St. Lawrence churches quite often but not everyone knows who they are.

6.  Better jokes…

Well this is a hefty set of goals but with some help I think it can happen.  So, if you have some ideas or thoughts on any of the points listed then let’s hear them.  Plus, sign up on the right so you can get emailed when there is something new posted.

Rock and Roll!!

2 Responses

  1. Hey what about the things that are Happening at Millay’s Tavern. We have been here longer than the Rest Home and funnier things happen, well maybe not. Just kidding. I do have a funny joke for the Website, it is not often I hear a joke that is not Dirty, Stupid or about Blondes. ” Why don’t Cannibals like to eat Clowns? Because they taste funny.” For some reason that was LOL to me.

  2. Good point! I guess I counted that under the ‘etc..” part. 🙂

    BTW, good joke!

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