Silly Hoosiers…

Two Hoosiers, Billy Bob and Jimmy Joe were fishing on their side of the Ohio River across from one lone Kentuckian on our side of the river.

Billy Bob yelled across the river, “Hey Kentuckian! What’s your name?”
“Clarence, what’s it to ya?” the Kentuckian replied.

The Hoosiers took offense to Clarence’s tone and Billy Bob yelled
again, “How ’bout I come over thar and kick yer ass, Kentuckian?”

Clarence said, “Suit yourself.”

So Billy Bob put down his pole, walked a ways down to the bridge, then came back and sat down next to his buddy.

Jimmy Joe said, “Billy Bob, I thought you was goin’ to kick that Kentuckian’s ass?” Billy Bob said, ” I sure ’nuff was, but I got to the bridge and the sign said Clarence – 10’9” so I said to heck with it!”


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  2. That started my day with a chuckle. Always a good way to start work. Janice

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