Joke Time

A doctor has 3 aging patients and he’s worried they’re developing Alzheimer’s. He doesn’t want to alarm them however and decides to administer a simple test to see if they are they’re minds are slipping.
He lucky enough that they’re all 3 waiting to see him and are sitting on a couch in the waiting room so he walks out there and asks the first man.
“What is 3 + 7?”
The man thinks about it for a while and then replies “247?”. The doctor shakes his head in despair and the moves to the next man and asks him
“What is 3+7?”
The second man thinks about it long and hard and then replies “Tuesday?”. Again the doctor shakes his head in dismay for his patients failing mind and turns to the last man
“What is 3+7?”
The third man however replies quick as a shot “10”. The doctor smiles, at least there’s hope for one of them “How did you come to that conclusion?” He asks him.
The man smiles and says “Easy. I just subtracted Tuesday from 247.”

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