Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

From the Red Green (www.redgreen.com)show:

Two Irishmen were in London on a shopping trip when they saw a store with signs advertising Men’s Sportsjackets for 2 pounds (British money) and Men’s dress pants for 1 pound. One says to the other ‘At those prices we could buy a bunch, take them back to Ireland and make a fortune. Just don’t tell them we’re Irish or they’ll be on to us.’ So they go in and the clerk behind the counter says ‘Can I help you?’ and one of the men says ‘Yeah. Give us 50 sportsjackets and 100 pairs of pants.’ The clerk says ‘Are you guys Irish?’ And your man answers ‘Yes, how did you know?’ and the clerk says ‘Cause this is a dry cleaners.’

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Many of my friends are Irish and quite a few more wish they were.

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