Leo Mudd – Rest In Peace – Dec 3rd, 2009

On Thursday my uncle, Leo Mudd, was killed in a car wreck.  Leo was retired from the Kentucky State Police, gave anti-drug seminars all over the country, and was a great motivational speaker.  Back in the 80’s Leo was also a DJ called “Dr. Sugar Bear and the Interns” and did many dances at Knottsville, Whitesville, and the Owensboro area.  For those of you who knew Leo, you know he will be greatly missed.  The funeral arrangements can be found here: www.watsonhuntfuneral.com

If you have a loved one that you would like others to know about that was related to this area in some way, please send me the information and it will be posted here.  The purpose of this website is to convey information that the community of Knottsville might want to know.


Mike Mudd

5 Responses

  1. You’re right Mike, Leo will indeed be missed. He’s an old friend of the Logsdon family. I had his son, Kevin, in my class at GCHS for several years. A few years before I retired from teaching Leo and I worked in developing the Leo Mudd website which promoted his speaking appearances and “Verbal Judo”. During that time I read many testimonials from young people across the US concerning his positive influence on their lives. God bless the Mudd family.

  2. I’m 26 years old and just thought about a motivational speaker I had in high school named Leo Mudd. I met Leo when he came to my high school to speak about drugs and alcohol. My parents were both troopers in the Ohio State Highway Patrol and I’m currently pursuing a career in the same field. I hope that this can offer you some kind of peace about your uncle. What he said made an impact on me. I knew when he spoke that I was seeing someone pouring their whole heart into what they believed in. To say the least, he made an impression on me. To tell you the truth, I looked him up online in hopes that I could contact him and let him know what he said made a difference in my life. It wasn’t immediate, but it stuck with me. The stories that he shared with my fellow classmates and I were heartfelt, truthful and genuine. He left me with something more to share about my life and the troubles and triumphs that I have had and will have. I hope when I’m older and have lead a full life that I could be somewhere near half the person that your uncle was.

    • Thanks for your kind words. The anniversary of his death is in a few days. I’ll pass your thoughts on to his family. They will appreciate them. Good luck in your pursuit as member of law enforcement!


  3. I had the opportunity to sit in a session that Leo conducted many years ago and until this day, I remember his words and what a fantastic motivational speaker he was. He impacted the lives of many and will never be forgotten.

  4. this man spoke at my high school in 2002. i have forgotten much from those years by all my classmates and I always remember leo mudd. RIP.

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