St. William/St. Lawrence Community Social Success!!

Congratulations and thanks to all the people who participated in the picnic/social held at St. Lawrence this past weekend.  According to the church bulletin the ballpark figure for profit from sales and donations was around an astounding $78,000!  You can pick your jaw up off the floor now.

The cars were lined up all the way to highway 144 to get into the picnic grounds that day.  Several people were disappointed to find out that burgoo was already sold out by the time they got through the line.  It was said that there wasn’t any way to make more burgoo or cook any more meat.  In fact, it was heard that the only thing left at the auction to sell was some bales of hay.  They had several nice items in the auction including a golf cart, roosters, puppies, and what looks like Warren Lanham’s homemade pumpkin bread.  It looks to be a simple recipe.  I’ve included a picture of him displaying it for the auction attendees.  The crowds were very happy that the rain decided to fall in other areas and left the picnic site mostly dry.    There were also live bands and dancing and good fellowship to top off the day.  Thanks to everyone that participated in any way!

URL Update

I registered the url so although I’m still testing it, you should be able to point your browser to to get to this blog.  It’s easier to remember.  It will just point you back here.  More to come..