Updates for Landmarks

I’m slowly getting pictures of the landmarks put on the site.  I just added a link to the St. Lawrence and St. William pages that are pictures associated with Google maps.  Also, I posted a picture on the Lanham’s Grocery page that show when the store was on the other side of the street.  I’ll be adding other landmarks and associated pictures (old and new) in the next week.  I’ll update you as they become available.  Stay tuned!!

3 Responses

  1. I will be in Knottsville Sept. 5th 2009. I will be looking for were the John Birth Flour Mill would have been My gr-grandfather, Elias Logsdon was killed in the explosion on 6/8/1908. Is anyone there who can help me?


    • Bill,
      I asked your question to Charles Lanham, the owner of Lanham’s grocery. He said he had always heard the area beside the location of his store is where the mill was located. I hope this helps. By the way, are you related to a Clarence Logsdon that lived in Knottsville? Thanks!

  2. You may check with Ricky Millay. I think he may have some old pics of Millay’s Tavern that you may want to ad to the site.

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